Woodfield True Nature Campus is committed to keeping the personal information of our families and clients accurate, confidential, secure and private.  We employ responsible privacy practices in the collection, use and protection of personal information to comply with all applicable privacy legislation in Canada.


Woodfield does not store any personal information on our website nor is personal information accessible through this website.  We do not purchase, sell, share or trade any personal information.  All personal information is submitted voluntarily and used solely for the purpose of supporting a safe, responsive program that meets the needs of the families we serve.  This may include occasional information updates and promotional correspondence, as well as, requests for feedback on program experiences. We also use personal information for Woodfield’s internal program analysis to better understand the needs of the families we serve.  Any other use of this information is subject to prior consent.  Consent may be in writing such as a signed application form, health form, submitted online form, or verbally in person or over the telephone. Individuals can contact us to change, update or delete their personal information.


The information we collect includes:

  • The names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of family applicants and registrants for program planning, occasional contact throughout the year and in cases of emergency.

  • Custody information when applicable.

  • Health and behavioural information of program participants (i.e. special needs, allergies, medical history etc.).  This information is necessary for the program team to provide the best care for children and families.

  • Dietary information to ensure inclusive meals that accommodate food restrictions and allergies.

  • Special needs or interests that family members feel are important for our staff to be aware of to ensure a safe and enjoyable program experience.


All Woodfield staff receive training on our confidentiality policies and have signed confidentiality agreements.  Our privacy policy and practices are reviewed regularly and changes are updated to this website.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us using the email below.


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