"Woodfield is the echo of my earth walk.”

As a child growing up in Northern Ontario, I was blessed to have many opportunities to be immersed in nature and playfully explore. Before digital arrived on the scene, it was easier to find time to relax and connect with friends and family. Along the way, I have explored healthy ways to nourish mind, body and spirit and have enjoyed and benefitted from meditation and yoga.


Twelve years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer, these earlier pathways of nature connection, face to face time with family & friends, play and mind/body/spirit practices became even more important and precious on my journey to health, wholeness and joy. 


Having the good fortune to explore has made all the difference in my life. Woodfield True Nature Campus is my wish to offer families, facing any serious chronic illness (dis-ease), with the opportunity to explore and uniquely apply their own pathways for their health, wholeness and joy.



Born and raised in Southern Ontario in the mid 70's, on a small rural farm,  Angee would often seek solace in her families barn with the animals that lived there.  This was her sanctuary, and it is here that she developed her ability to make deep connections with animals.  These four-legged creatures became her first friends, confidantes and protectors.   Angee earned her H.Ba in Child and Family Studies from Nipissing University in 2013, and is also a graduate of the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Certification Program and the Advanced FEEL Certification Program.  Angee's path of personal development and learning led her to create Sky River Meadows, a place where both people and animals can come to learn, connect and heal together.



“The ability of nature to shift a child’s mood and mental focus isn’t simply a romantic notion. Scientific investigation reveals that nature serves as a seedbed of restoration that can buffer the gravity of stress, anxiety, depression and other health challenges braved by a ballooning number of children.”

Tara is a public health scientist dedicated to the wellbeing of people and our planet, with a special focus on children and vulnerable populations.   With an emphasis on healthy child development, she is a recognized expert and international speaker on the impact of nature on human health. Tara is the lead author of numerous studies on the topic, including reports for the David Suzuki Foundation, Toronto Public Health and the BC Centre for Disease Control.


Tara has helped lead national and international strategies to improve children's health.  Tara earned her Master of Public Health from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine, specializing in health promotion and environmental health with a focus on maternal and child health. Tara’s program development combines scientific evidence with the leadership and lived experiences of families and communities. She brings over 20 years of research, knowledge translation, capacity building and program development experience to Woodfield True Nature Campus. 



As Brand Creative Advisor to Woodfield, Charles guides the strategic and creative development of brand communications and design. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Charles is an award-winning creative director, brand designer and illustrator who is passionate about nature and engaging in the outdoors.  As a world-class sailor, avid mountain climber and tree warrior, his commitment to Woodfield is a natural extension of his lifelong interests. 


Currently, Charles is the founder and creative director of Charles Bongers + Co., a boutique brand design studio with an emphasis on conservation, enviro-nature, wellness and artisanal “of the earth” products and services. 

He also serves as the brand creative advisor to Wild Entrust Africa, a wildlife conservation trust dedicated to supporting the long-term viability of threatened wildlife populations and their critical habitats in Southern Africa.


Charles's passion for nature has inspired him to write and illustrate, “The Family Forest Field Guide”. He is currently working on a children’s book with the intention of creating an early childhood connection with nature.  


John Stark owns Stark Architects Inc., an architectural firm that focuses on environmentally sensitive and sustainable residential design. John views his residential designs as simply frameworks to experience the natural beauty of the rocks, trees, wind, water and sunsets – it is not about the building itself.  John met Mike Bradley as a residential client and soon became aware of his plans to develop the Woodfield True Nature Campus. The initial tour of the then undeveloped property left a permanent impression; it is a magical place.

With a long history of volunteer service to the community, John joined Woodfield's Board of Directors out of admiration for Mike's ideas, generosity and commitment to the needs of others.  Supporting Woodfield is a perfect opportunity for John to continue his focus on the appreciation of nature while helping to achieve Mike’s heartwarming vision. 







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