The day begins with breakfast in your family lodge, surrounded by wall-to-wall views of the forest and meadows.  Later, we gather for morning gratitude and intention setting to kick off the day. Then it's off for a guided hike or gentle nature exploration. 


At noon, lunch is packed up for you and your family - now all you have to do is head off into nature and find your favourite picnic spot. In the afternoons, you and the kids can join in on fun games, visit with the farm animals, swim in the spring-fed pond, or if you prefer, explore mindfulness or body movement session in one of the yurts. 

Later in the day, there's a meadow walk and "cuddle puddle" with a herd of friendly Nigerian Dwarf goats. Then we join our “community kitchen” to get dinner on the table - harvesting vegetables, preparing food and serving it up for each other. At dusk, it’s time to relax, listen to special guests share stories, enjoy live music with campfire songs and roast marshmallows over a big bonfire.

Our four learning pathways: 

1) connection with nature;  2) mind+body+spirit practices;  3) social support and play, and 4) time for reflection are explored every day. Supported by our Family Coach, families explore ways of putting newfound experiences and insights into a long-term action to support health and well-being at home.


Digital devices, as amazing as they are, distract us from connecting to nature, ourselves and our family. 


By providing digital life balance tips and a digital den where devices are safely stored, families are free to explore the beauty of Woodfield’s natural world and share time face to face without the pull of digital distractions.

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